Our wish is to foster the love for the arts, creativity and imagination through fun and empowering experiences for your child. We explore different materials focusing more on the process than on results, promoting independence, creative thinking and problem solving skills, among others.


Art Mommy&Me

This is a fun sensory art & play based class for children 10m-3 yo.  Classes are held either privately if you form a group of 6-8 kids or we also have a class open on Wednesdays as follows:

  • Age: Ages 12m - 3 yo (All children must be accompanied by an adult.)

  • Date/time: Tuesdays@10 am

  • Location: Stop Parenting Alone Center - Coral Way, Miami.

  • Cost: $175 per kid for 5 classes.

  • Drop ins (subject to space): $45


Fun with Art 

Fun 45 min long arts&crafts classes where we explore different activities using high quality supplies and a variety of methods such as paint, clay, pastels, wood, mixed media etc. Activities are tied to a book and the focus is more on the process than on the product.

  • Date/time: Tuesdays/3-4pm (5-8 yo) Wednesdays/3-4 pm (3-4 yo)

  • Location: KLA Schools Brickell, Miami.

  • Cost: $135 per kid for 4 classes.

We also do private Art Mommy&Me classes. The ways these work is you form a group of minimum 8 kids (max 10) and find a home where the classes can be held, and we come to you with all the fun!

  • Private classes: $160 per kid for 4 classes (minimum of 8 kids)

  • Drop ins (subject to space): $45 



Workshops are fun Arts&Crafts gatherings that we organize usually once a month at a park or other outdoor location. 

Valentine's Family Event was so much fun!