Transparency Portraits

Matilda/5 yo

Matilda/5 yo

The kids LOVED making these. They are easy to set up, and the outcome is very cool so they were really proud of their creations!


Transparency Paper

Watercolor Paper (or any thick heavy weight paper)

Bleeding Tissue Paper (pre cut into pieces)


Cup with water

Black Sharpie

Hot Glue

1) Talk about what a portrait is. More so, let them do the talking. Make questions, ask them what do they think a portrait is and take it from there. Let them look at the shapes in each others faces, point them out, or let them point them out.  If accesible show them different kinds of portraits by different artists

2) Start by working on the background paper (heavy weight). Set out the tissue paper pieces on a tray, brushes and cups with water. Show them how the tissue bleeds onto the paper by placing the strips of it on top of the heavy weight paper and then brushing water over it.  Then remove the soaked tissue pieces. Continue at it until you have all of the white paper covered in color. 


3) Set the paper aside to dry and bring in the transparency paper and black sharpies. Have them work on their portraits by drawing on the transparency with the black sharpie markers.  I made questions like "How do you see yourself", and you will see some of them drew themselves as ninjas or superheroes, which I loved.

"I am a Ninja" - Emilio/6 yo

"I am a Ninja" - Emilio/6 yo

4) Glue the Transparency portrait on top of the heavy weight paper by adding a few dots of hot glue on each corner.

Super easy and super fun!

Delfina/4.6 yo

Delfina/4.6 yo

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