M is for Matilda

M is for Matilda

Ok, are you ready for one of the most fun projects ever? You are in for a fun ride so buckle up! Your kids will love this activity, and you will be the coolest mom of the block if you set it up for them, promise.


Wooden Letters

Nails (about 1 inch in length)


Oil Pastels

Color Contact Paper


Acrylic Paints


Golden Circle Stickers

Circle Stickers

Loom Bands

Painting the letters with acrylic paint

Painting the letters with acrylic paint

1) Let them pick 3 acrylic colors  (for a controlled palette) and set up some water, paper towel, and brushes and ask them to start by painting their letters abstractly, with these shades.  

2) Present them with the stickers and invite them to add them to the letters on top of the paint as they wish.

Adding stickers and color contact paper pieces

Adding stickers and color contact paper pieces

3) Bring out the colored contact paper and show them how they can cut irregular shapes out of it to then stick to their letters.

4) Bring out the oil pastels (3-4 shades to continue with the controlled color palette) and ask them to draw lines or small circles or dots over the paint.

Drawing with oil pastels

Drawing with oil pastels

5) Best part of all...bring out the nails! I bough silver and gold and gave them both colors and hammers. I showed them how to hammer one and then they did the rest.  Encourage them to add lots of them so they can then add lots of bands.



6) Lastly, bring out the bands. I just brought out 3 colors of them (neon yellow, neon green and hot pink), and I personally love the neon ones.  Show them how they can start stretching the bands from nail to nail and as many as they wish to make it look even cooler!


Hope you enjoy this activity and if you do try it, tag me @redvioletstudio, I would love to see!





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