Fabric Heart Garland


Making this fabric garland was lots of fun, specially since they boys and I worked together on every step and that made it even more special.  We knew we wanted to make this for our Home Art Studio and they felt so proud when we hanged it.  It's easy peasy so check it out!


Cardboard Heart Shapes

Shave Cream

Liquid Watercolors




Fabric cut in long pieces

Hot Glue



Cotton Balls


Whole Puncher



IMG_3055 2.JPG

1)  We first precut some hearts out of cardboard and made holes on them.  Then we proceeded to marble them with shave cream.  This is a fun process where we first put some shave cream on a plate or tray, then add the liquid watercolors with droppers "drawing" over the shave cream. Lastly we place the hear on top of the colored shave cream and remove off the heart the excess of it with a scraper (or credit card). We let those dry for an hour.


2) Trace hearts on the felt and cut them out. Place 2 of these together and sew them using a regular needle and thread (even my boys joined in the fun of sewing with me and loved it), leaving a small hole to fill the hearts up with cotton balls. Once they are filled and fluffy continue sewing it to close it up. Sew a little 


3)  Cut out strips of fabric of about 4 in long and 0.5 thick and start tying them all together forming a long garland.


4)  Add with hot glue little strips of fabric to the back of the the felt hearts to make it easier to hang from the garland.

5) Tie the hearts to the garland. An voila! Isn't it beatiful?



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