Lace Dreamcatchers

These were a real delight to make. I nailed these lace circles at the Dollar Tree; pretty awesome right? But pretty much any lace or similar fabric, can work.  We divided the making of these in 2 sessions and it was perfect. Revisiting a piece is always special to the kids.



Liquid watercolors



Pipe Cleaners



Pompom Beads

Chopsticks or Skewer Sticks

Mod Podge or Glue



1) Set up the lace on top of paper towel and put out the liquid watercolors poured into jars with a little bit of water added and droppers on each jar.  Invite the kids to paint the lace completely using the droppers and the watercolors.  


2) Once they are done with this, lay out the Mala Paints (or acrylics) and brushes and invite them to make more details in the lace. This steps were done on the first session.

3) Once these are dry, cover them in either Mod Podge or glue (mixed with a little water) using a brush.  Let them dry flat overnight. 


4) Put out different colors of yarns and the plastic needles.  I added different colors of yarn to each needle and made knots on all of them to make it easier for the kids.  They they started weaving into the lace and I helped them with the knot at the end.  

5) I set up some precut pieces of yarn with a knot at the end and they started adding beads, pompoms and feathers at the end. These were tied to the bottom part of the lace.

6) We added sticks to the top part of the lace, and lastly a pipe cleaned tied on each end to it, to hang.


Fabric Heart Garland

Shave Cream TV's