Painting with Glue


This week I have been judging for a Reggio Emilia inspired account (@ctinquiry), and the theme has been "The Language of Paint".  It has got me thinking on all the different languages the children communicate in, being paint one of the strongest ones for many.  So why not use something different to paint? How about painting with glue? And that's when it came to me and I started setting it all out to provoke my boys.  And YEI! it worked! Once they saw me pouring glue on different cups and pulling out some liquid watercolors and cardboard.  They they asked if they could join. And I said of course! So here it is!


White School Glue

Plastic Syringes (you could also use droppers or craft sticks)

Cardboard or paper

Crafts Sticks (for mixing)

Liquid Watercolors 


1) First, we poured the glue in different small cups and the boys colored it by using droppers and liquid watercolors and then mixing with craft sticks.

2) We set out a cardboard and some recycled plastic syringes and the boys started to make their creations on the cardboard by using the syringes to pour the glue-paint.  One syringe per color, so they won't get muddy.

I let them work freely on whatever they wanted to create. My 4 yo did a symmetric abstract painting while my 6 yo did a painting of a man doing a push up carrying a girl on his back...I mean!!??? How cool is that??


Shave Cream TV's

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