Letter Tapestry


This was such a fun activity I did at home with my 4 yo. A simple setup, simple materials and a beautiful outcome. 


Kitchen Flour Sack Towels cut in half

Shave Cream

Liquid Watercolors of Food Coloring



Blue Painters tape


Small bowls


Hot Glue

Beads (optional)

1) Start by adding shave cream to 3 different bowls 

2) Let them pick 3 colors and add some drops of each color to the shave cream. Mix with a spoon so the shave cream is well and evenly colored.

3) Make the kids initial in tape on the towel.  

4) Have them start painting with the shave cream, covering the hole towel.


5) Let it dry for a few minutes and then remove the tape! Voila the Initial is revealed!

6) Using hot glue stick the towel to a stick from the top and add some beads and yarn to make it look pretty!


Painting with Glue

Spring Flower Garland