Slimy Creatures

These were seriously so much fun to make and really easy to set up!  You just need a simple slime recipe which I will share with you, and the just gather any loose parts you have around the house that can work as a fun invitation to create slimy creatures, as the kids liked to call them.

Slimy Emoji by Isa

Slimy Emoji by Isa


1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup white school glue

1/2 cup Liquid Starch


Mixing Spoon (to make the slime)

Measuring cup

Food coloring or liquid watercolor

Glitter (optional)

White pieces of paper


Googly eyes


Pieces of color paper


Straw bits


Kitty Cat by Emi

Kitty Cat by Emi


1) To make the slime, first mix the water and the glue in a big bowl. Then add the color (with either food coloring or liquid watercolors) and glitter if you wish. Start adding the liquid starch slowly and mixing at the same time.  Mix well with the spoon and then put it over a tray and knead with the hands.

Mia making the slime

Mia making the slime

2) Give them a white piece of paper and ask them to start molding their wild creature over the paper.

3)Present them with a buffet of loose parts such as toothpicks, straws, goggly eyes, paper pieces, etc and let them start creating the creatures by adding these in no particular order to their creatures.  

Enjoy the sensory experience and the joy of process art with this fun activity! So simple yet so fun!

Slimy Unicorn by Alia

Slimy Unicorn by Alia

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