Animal Hanging Art


Animals are a big thing around my house. Specially since Manolo, my 3 year old, has been obsessed for a long time with penguins.  I don’t know where it comes from, but what I do remember is that his first penguin was one he picked in school at one of those “build your own pet” event 2 years ago. And now, they have reproduced like rabbits and he has 2 adult penguins, about 4 babies and a couple teenagers. I’m telling you, that toddler bed can’t hold one more; we might have to get him a king bed so they can all sleep comfortably with more fin space…

So, it was from this passion of his and my constant hoarding of recycling materials that this fun idea came up.  I had been saving this clear lids for a long time, because I knew, one day, a “brilliant” idea would come up with them! LOL (“told you hubby, that it is never in vain that I hoard!”). The boys had so much fun making these ‘favorite animal hangers’ and once they were done they were super proud and hanged them above their beds.  I love how art, among other many skills it helps build and reinforce, it also gives children such a great sense of empowerment and confidence; I see this day after day and it fills me with joy and purpose.


Ok, to the point!  Here are the MATERIALS to this fun craft:

* Clear plastic lids (like the ones used to cover food when you buy it a the supermarket)

* Animal Print outs (my boys chose their favorite animals and I just printed them at


* Glue and scissors

* Whole puncher

* Washi tape, stickers, jewels, rhinestones, etc (anything you might have to decorate

these once ready.)

* Sharpies

* Wire and beads (for the hanger)

First have the kids choose their favorite animal and print it out; it can be color or black and white. Cut it out and stick it to a blank piece of paper pre cut to the size of the lid. Place this piece of paper (we used white) with the animal stuck to it in the back part of the lid and secure it using some washi tape.

Turn the lid around and using sharpies decorate the front of it.

With glue, add any fun stuff you may have like, jewels, rhinestones, stickers, flowers, leafs, glitter, etc…

And lastly, with a whole puncher open a couple holes on the top and insert the wire.  You can use beads to decorate the wire.

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