Making Non-Edible Cakes

Surfing my ‘happy place’…Instagram, I ran into this amazing project created by one of my favorite  feeds, @Purpletwig.  Samara owns this art studio in LA and she has amazing ideas on arts and crafts for both kids and families, so if you are looking for some serious and original inspiration, you gotta check it out!



First of all I have to say that making these cakes was fun not only for the kids, but I enjoyed it so much as well (maybe even more ;-))…it’s just plain process art at its max and messy, and colorful, and sticky and sensory and everything else you can think of. So, if you are brave enough to overcome your fears of messiness, do it! And if you’re not, then do it too! Cause you need this activity in your life. It will make you happy, I promise.y7 bar h

*Thank you @purpletwig for the inspiration! please check this amazing blog for  step by step instructions !



Posted on June 24, 2016

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