Low Carb Doughnuts!


One of my kids favorite things are...just that...Donuts! Go figure, kids and unhealthy fried stuff right? But then again, who doesn't like donuts!? On a healthy note...we don't have them too often...lol  So when we started making our Christmas tree we realized we needed some more ornaments, so that's when the idea of making this air-dry clay ornaments came up.



Air-dry Clay

Round shape (about 3 in diameter)

Small lid (for the center hole)

Coffee straw


Acrylic Paints + brushes

Shiny Glaze (for finish)



Work the clay with your hands, flatten it with a roller and use the round shapes to make your donut, one for the donut, one for the little center hole.  Make a little hole on the top with a small coffee straw (to then hang from).  Make little sprinkles with the clay and stick them to the donuts by first putting little dots of water with a toothpick. Using the same toothpick make little dots representing more sprinkles.  Let it dry overnight. Paint and once dry add the glaze.  Tie a string to it, and hang!


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