Art Birthday Parties

I’m sorry about my absence! I have been away on vacation for 2 months (not really vacation because I taught while I was away…) in Colombia and it has been nonstop craziness going on, with little time (or concentration) to post.  I am back in the game now and I wanted to share with you, my favorite kind of birthday parties….ART PARTIES…of course!!


I did a couple in May (2016)y, and it was such a fun experience, both for me in the planning and executing, and for the kiddos who enjoyed so much the activities set up for them.  My favorite quote of one of the parties, was this adorable 5 year old girl, who came to me and said “this is the best birthday party ever!”…just melted my heart…knowing that she was having a good time, it makes it all worth.

This is Cata in her B-day #6 with he amazing records she and her friends decorated, inspired by the wonderful Meri Cherry.


If your son or daughter’s birthday is coming up, and you want to try something different, creative and out of the ordinary, plan an art birthday party! If you are in Miami, give me a call, OF COURSE, and I we will do it all for you! But if you are in another city or country, I promise, you can do it! Go for it! There’s many options and activities you can try. The steps to a fun art birthday party can be:

  1. Define the place where the party would take place, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, since that sets the tone for the type of activities available.  If it’s outdoors, look up some fun action art (like paint guns and paper or balloons filled with colored water for example). If it’s indoors you can keep it a little bit more under control with crafting activities.
  2. How about a thematic art birthday party? For a Frozen party you  can freeze little favors inside egg shaped ice cubes and then have kids try to release them using tools,  water sprays and salt…Or maybe a Science Art Party, with baking soda erupting volcanoes! Or another favorite of mine, a famous Artists party? With all the decoration based on artists such as Miro, Picasso, Mondrian, Van Gogh, and all activities focused on inspirational creations inspired by their work…The possibilities are endless!
  3. All of the favors and prizes can be art oriented.  You can have markers, coloring books, oil pastels, watercolors, play dough, brushes, etc…or how about a smock with the kids name which they can paint and take home? FUN!
  4. Decoration! Oh how I love this part…Depending on the theme of the party, you can make all of the decor, tables, cake etc with an artsy twist!

Ok, I’m gonna stop now, because If I keep giving you all my “brilliant” ideas (just kidding ;-)) you will just do it yourself and never call me to do your funnest art party! LOL

Here’s some pictures  of fun art birthday parties we have done this year, and do not hesitate to give me a call or send me a message if you need more info or are interested in having us do your party! 

Working on some Science Art Fun projects with Ella & friends.


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